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Glasnost First Kiss – Russia’s next revolution

We asked Russian strangers to kiss for the first time … Vladimir Putin asked them to stop.

‘Russian in Flee ‘ by: Danimal Pinson, Produced by: Awen Audio Design & Keith Nolan
(lyrics at bottom)
Starring (in order of appearance)
Brooks Russell, Lily Depaula, Grant Lancaster, Corey Scott Rutledge, Richard Templeton, Kelly O'Connor, Chris O'Neil, Limor Hakim, Lee Peterkin, Jessica DiGiovanni, Jacob Berger, Dave Powers, Zane M. Roberts.
Written & Directed by: Corey Scott Rutledge
Original song ‘Russian in Flee ‘ written and performed by: Danimal Pinson.
Post Sound Mixing: Awen Audio Design, Keith Nolan
Shot by: Lee Peterkin, Corey Scott Rutledge
Produced by: Ian Henson, Keith Nolan, C.S. Rutledge, Grant Lancaster
AD: Anna Dale-Meunier
Edited by: Corey Scott Rutledge, Color Pitch
Boom: Brooks Russell, Grant Lancaster, Dirk Otis
Special Thanks: New York Film Academy, Color Pitch NYC, Awen Audio Design
‘Russian in Flee ‘ by: Danimal Pinson
Look at my eyes
My big Russian eyes.
pucker your lips, and rub on my thighs.
I ‘m betting on this
kiss on your lips
just swallow that spit and push in those chips.
Vladimir Putin
I ‘m hoping you see
That this kiss that I ‘m sending is to you straight from me
When I kiss your mouth
And I feel your beard
Then the club comes down and I feel the fear
So beat, kick and bruise
knock and don ‘t try it
It ‘s the future ya know, this will lead to a riot.
Oh government youre being so gay
When the rest of the world improves you ‘ll be fading away
Gotta get up to date
Gotta get with the times
They can beat us off but will poke their behind
When I rush into you
I ‘m a Russian in flee
Gotta pull up my pants
And get off of my knees
So I rush into you
You russian to me.
take off those shirts
We all look sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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