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Ring Pop!

It's a lollipop without a stick! A burst of flavor you can lick!

Created By: Seth Kirschner
Written by: Seth Kirschner and Ryan Gielan
Directed by: Kieran Valla
Editor/Sound Designer: Evan Menak
Producers: Seth Kirschner, Todd Blass & Kieran Valla
Director of Photography: Carole McClintock
Production/Costume Designer: Erin Magill
Music By: Heather Robb and Adam Minkoff
Gaffer: Consuelo Althouse
Sound Mixer: Christopher Hall
Boom Operator: Evan Menak
Colorist/VFX Artist: Jeff Billings
Wife Kid: Aubrey Plaza
Sugar Abuser Kid: Seth Kirschner
Boxing Kid: Keith Powell
Rich Sister: Darcy Fowler
Rich Sister: Heather Robb
Priest: Patrick James Lynch
Sugar Dealer: Andrew Gaul

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