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With “Dunkin Love” we gave you and ode to an East coast food that is desperately needed on the West Coast. This time around, we give the East Coast something to feast their eyes on; In-N-Out Burger. Watch as Adrian Anchondo and Reggie White dream about having un-natural relations with the famous fast food chain. Joined by Ru-Paul's Drag Race contestant Honey Mahogany and San Francisco drag queen Dulce De Leche, Adrian and Reggie are about to take you on the drive-through ride of your life.

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#Ratchet Productions presents
A Parody of Beyonce ‘s ‘Partition ‘
Starring Honey Mahogany, Dulce De Leche, Adrian Anchondo and Reggie White
With Sarah Coykendall and Mike Delaney.
Written and Directed by Adrian Anchondo (
Cinematography by Edwin Gonzalez.
Recorded by Tal Ariel Productions (
Edited by Adrian Anchondo.
Production Assistants- Sarah Coykendall and Mike Delaney.
Special Thanks:
San Francisco and Berkeley businesses- NCTC, Impact Theatre, The Stud Bar, Midnight Sun Bar and the Piedmont Boutique.
To our friends for their help and support- Mike Finn for allowing us to film in his beautiful historic Victorian home. Alex Nagorski, Ben Randle, Ed Decker, JC Lee, Melissa Hillman, Cheshire Isaacs, Kevin Clarke, Karl Soehnlein, Aaron Munar, Drew Droege, and Pro and Speck Vassilton for letting us use their scratching post as a chaise lounge 🙂
Thank you to all the fans of ‘Dunkin Love ‘ for sharing the video and supporting us.
And of course thank you to the one and only Beyonce for inspiring us.

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