By: Alex Pearson

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Top 7 Picks to Host the Late Show after Stephen Colbert

We were all having so much fun listing people who might take over for David Letterman, but then CBS went and ruined the party by making such a quick announcement that it would be Stephen Colbert. Well, we aren ‘t going to let that stop us. Here is a look at 7 people who could replace Colbert when he retires from the Late Show.

Terry, age 20

We forget that being a late night host isn ‘t just conducting interviews and doing monologues. Half the job is just about being cool. That never has been a problem for Terry.

Jeff, age 19

Being a nerd just keeps becoming the cooler and cooler thing to be. And by the time Colbert steps down, Jeff may very well be the coolest candidate of them all.

Laura, age 14

A woman hosting a network late night show? We think it is way overdue. And Laura has already shown an incredible eagerness to engage her audience on mobile platforms.

Jared, age 18

Late night hosts don ‘t get to where they are by being dummies, and Jared has already shown tremendous potential in that regard through a stellar academic record. And anyone who has doubts about his public speaking must have not seen his valedictorian speech.

Jeremy, age 12

Sure, that signature Boston edge and unwillingness to uncross his arms would lead to plenty of clashes with the brass at CBS, but America likes a rebel. Tough to imagine him cutting the hair and wearing a suit and tie everyday, but our money says he would do it for a dream job like this.

Sharon, age 15

Believe it or not, television show hosts weren ‘t always so popular. Many of them developed the drive to be funny and charismatic during the awkward, unpopular misery of their adolescence. So hang in there, Sharon! We clearly believe in you.

Will, age 2

Some people may say he ‘s too young, but those same people probably said he was too young to climb that tree. He ‘s a bold choice, but ask a lot of older kids who wouldn ‘t climb that tree, Will is a bold kid. And don ‘t forget, Will has the advantage of being able to connect with that valuable younger viewership that CBS craves.

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