By: Vincent Masciale

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The Newest Testament

Frustrated with humanity for not following the rules of His novel, God sends His only son down early to set the record straight.

Luke Barnett
Katie Featherston
Richard Riehle
Carly Craig
Ashlynn Yennie
David Ury
Lisa Schwartz
Tanner Thomason
Marlon Young
Caroline Macey
Ana Harrison
Melissa Rosen
Directed by Tanner Thomason
Written by Luke Barnett and Tanner Thomason
Produced by Luke Barnett, Tanner Thomason, Vincent Masciale
Theme Music By: Daniel Vendt
Additional crew:
Associate producer: Danny Herb
Associate producer: Nicole Reddinger
DP: Adam Sherer
1st AD: Michelle Maxwell
Sound Recordist: Raphael Kajatt
Gaffer: Tyler Hart
Gaffer: Danny Herb
Grip: Zach Pope
Production Coordinator: Alex Shkiler

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