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Coachella: 14 Possible Surprises for Week 2

Week 1 of the Coachella Music Festival featured several highly anticipated performances, big-name surprise guests, and a few disappointments. Here are some possible ways to up the ante and hold people's attention in Week 2:

  • Long-awaited reunion of Snoop Dogg and the Tupac hologram, who have not performed together since 2012
  • Increase in minimum wage for celebrities being paid to attend
  • Fatboy Slim and Skrillex finally kiss
  • Chvrches debut new spelling
  • Beyonc ‘ sits in on flute with Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  • Weird Al skewers Pharrell Williams with new parody song, “Crappy”
  • Pet Shop Boys and MGMT give joint seminar on small-business management
  • “Beady Eye” forced to own up and just call themselves Oasis already
  • Plenty of toilet paper this time
  • Haim sisters grounded by parents after coming home from last show smelling like cigarettes
  • Chance the Rapper finally graduates med school, performs under new name, “Chance the Podiatrist”
  • Lorde somehow a year or two younger
  • Cash-strapped Radiohead finally raises the $150 festival registration fee, only to have tour van break down 20 miles outside of town

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