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Links! The Oral History of Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Best of John Oliver on The Daily Show and More!


You’d have to go back in time pretty far to find links better than these.

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitve Oral History of a TV Masterpiece – Wired
  • “Where’s Waldo Today?” With Tony Hale – The Occasional
  • Improv as Practical Life Advice – Splitsider
  • Ranking the 2014 Freshman Sitcoms Still On the Cancellation Bubble – Uproxx
  • The Best of John Oliver on The Daily Show – Vulture
  • 50 TV Shows You Didn’t Know Nic Cage Was In – Huffpost TV
  • 20 Conan Jokes About Silicon Valley Tech Companies – Team Coco
  • Hashtag Cheat Sheet for Brands – Above Average

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