By: Bryan Cook

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More Folksy Wisdom from Sarah Palin’s NRA Address

Before a capacity crowd at the recent NRA convention, Palin said: “If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Here are some more of her opinions on “enhanced interrogation techniques”:

-Electrocution just gets the old blood flowin’!

-Open-handed slaps to the face are just ‘Patriot Handshakes.’

-Prisoners are detained for years on end with no due process? We should be chargin’ ’em rent!

-Starvin’ a Muslim is OK if you just tell ’em it’s Ramadan or whatever!

-Sending terrorists to Guantanamo Bay is basically an all-expense-paid vacation to a tropical paradise! You’re welcome, Muhammad! Enjoy Cuba!

-Guillotines are a super-effective weight-loss plan!

-Makin’ ’em listen to some classic American rock ‘n' roll all day and night? I don’t know about you, but where I’m from, that’s just a good ol’ time!

-Going 40-plus hours without sleep? I call that ‘bein’ a mom!’

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