By: carlieanddoni

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Gangsta Waitress

Musical comedy duo, Carlie and Doni, pay tribute to all the gangsta restaurant employees holding it down in the service industry. Watch them along with the original hard ass, Lily Tomlin, and the dark prince of pain, Richard Lewis, wreak havoc all over a restaurant full of punk ass customers in this gangsta rap video .

Artist: Carlie Mantilla and Doni Carley
Director: Eric Goodwin
Producer: Mitch Eakins
DP: Sean Emer
UPM: Allison Scott
Producer: Rocco Urbisci
AD: Evan Fulton
G&E: Adam Unruh
Hair: Bee Bond
Make Up: Amanda Martinez
Wardrobe: Jamie Westfall
Jib Op: Billy Roberts

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