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11 Future Spinoffs Inspired by ‘Gotham’


Gotham is a new show coming out on FOX. The spinoff takes place before Batman even exists, focusing on minor characters. Here's a list of other similar spinoffs coming out soon:


Field Of Corn

Taking place at the farm from Field of Dreams, Field of Corn tells the story of a family who used to live there and never heard God's voice or try to do anything with the farm but grow corn. A young Ray Consella drives by at some point.

Men In Blue

This spinoff of Men In Black is about the NYPD cops who once worked with Will Smith's character, but he disappeared years ago so he's only brought up once in a while.


The Iceberg

We follow the iceberg that struck the Titanic as it floats along the northern Atlantic.

That Thing You Once Did

Based on That Thing You Do, this new show coming in the fall focuses on Villapiano's Pizzeria. It will follow the antics of owner Mr. Villapiano for nearly a decade, as he unknowlingly waits for the history-making performance by a local band, The Oneders.


Home Together

This spinoff of Home Alone takes a look at Kevin's parents as they move in to an apartment together in 1970's Chicago.

Who Framed The Drunk Subway Driver From Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

No trip to Toontown in this spinoff – just a broken man on trial for murder of a young schoolteacher.



Taking place in the world of Pixar's Ratatouille, this film focuses on a talking rat that doesn't personally know the main rat from the movie, but has heard of him.

The Adams Family

Show about a family who was once mistaken for the Addams family but that's about as far as it goes.


Behind The Fence

Years before Tim the Toolman Taylor moves in, the face-hiding Wilson still looks over his fence, but at an empty lot, spouting helpful knowledge and anecdotes to nothing but the squirrels who play amongst the grasses.



Show coming out this fall focuses on Isla Nublar before Hammond built Jurassic Park and created dinosaurs, back when it was just an island park with nothing but trees and sunshine.

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