By: Dierks Bentley

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Dierks Bentley Gets “Drunk on a Plane”

Dierks Bentley throws an epic party on a plane and yes there are boobs.

Written by (and actors): Bette Bentley & Jack Allison
Directed/Edited by: Wes Edwards
Produced by: Clarke Gallivan
Produced by: Bette Bentley
Starring: Dierks Bentley, Jeff Dye, and Emma Fitzpatrick
Featuring: Cassidy Feasby,Steve Misamore, Brian Layson, Tim Sergent, Emma Fitzpatrick, Jeff Dye, Will Hines, Taylor Saxelby Jack Allison, Bette Bentley, Bridgid Ryan, Joshua Hoover
Additional Actors: Morgan Jay, Kathy Yamamoto, Leslie Tsina, Joanna Kelley, Eric Cajvat, Aviel Young, Brandy Lamkins, Alexis Codding, Skyler Vallo, Anthony Usewictz
DP: Jaron Presant
1 AC: Jonathan Goldfisher
Data Wrangler: Vessie Kazachka
Gaffer: Ama MacDonald
BB Electric: Mike Weeks
Key Grip: Otta Betancourt
BB Grip: Keith Whiteaker
Stylist: Annie Psaltiras
Hair/Makeup: Kelly Henderson
Hair/Makeup: Ada Trinh
Wardrobe: Melissa Orndorff
Wardrobe Assistant: Heather McArtor
Prop Master: Dan Katona
Prop Assistant: Mike Anaya
PA: Jamie Ballestros
PA: Matthew Silver
PA: Jesse Lee
PA: Matthew Oswald

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