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Possible Things Solange Screamed as She Went Berserk on Jay Z

Solange went to town on Jay Z while on an elevator at the Met Gala. There's no audio, so we don't know what prompted the fight. But we can take a few educated guesses as to what she was saying:

‘You have a bee on you!”

“What do you mean they're canceling Community?!”


‘Stop offering me cigars on ice! I like mine room temperature!”

‘And then Godzilla was all like RARRRR!”

‘What does ‘Eat the cake, anime’ MEAN, goddammit?!!!”

‘I’m tired of hearing the jury is still out on climate change! It’s real and it’s manmade!!”

‘You have an eyelash … no, no there! No, you missed it again!”

‘Don’t even try and stop me, Beyonc ‘! ‘ Oh wait, you’re not. Good ‘ Hey, can you maybe try a little?”

‘You know I freak out on elevators! I begged you to take the stairs! I BEGGED YOU!”

‘What do you know about Benghazi?! I want answers!”

‘Jay, I just started using a new lotion, feel how soft my foot is!”

‘Fuck you, Ben Affleck will make a GREAT Batman!”

(Elaine Benes voice) ‘Get OUT!”

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