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End of Breaking Bad (We’re not fine) – Series Recap / Tribute Song

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! – Don't watch this unless you watch Breaking Bad. This song is dedicated to the amazing show Breaking Bad. Thank you. It was an amazing run and we are sad it's over. We do not own any of the video. We are just hardcore fans that love Breaking Bad! ORIGINAL SONG: R.E.M. – It's The End Of The World… Buy everything Breaking Bad-…

Ben Tamir Rothenberg – Editing, lyrics, filming ‘ @BenTamirStudios
Marshall Robbins – Lyrics, guitar, bass – @PhunkNastys
Tim Carlson – Recording, mixing
Taylor Crousore – Vocals, lyrics
Nat Zegree – Vocals
Nick Stevens – Drums
Matt Dillman – Animation

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