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Male, 25, Seeking Mentor

Short A Month #1: Male, 25, Seeking Mentor Kirk Larsen is twenty five years old and completely lost: he needs a mentor, so he imagines what it might be like if he had one. Unfortunately, things don't work exactly as Kirk had hoped and he quickly finds himself without a job, girlfriend, or even a mentor. Starring Kirk Larsen, Matt Walton, Emily Axford, Terence McBryde, Allison Anne Phillips, Craig Baldo, Andrew Bourney, & the voice of Darren Miller Writer/Director: Kirk Larsen Cinematographer: Hana Kitasei Producer: Allison Anne Phillips, Adam Wagner, Darren Miller, Kevin Mead Gaffer: Chris Masterson HMU: Emilia Adamkiewicz & Valerie Scarfone Location Sound: Juliet Macchi & Harris Karlin Sound Mix: James Keary Special thanks to Zach Mack, ABC Beer Co, Tuffet Bar, & Production Junction

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