By: Lauren Ireland

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The Only Dog Video You Need to Watch

If these dogs could talk… MORE VIDEOS Tough Year Help! My Girlfriend is Literally Dying Stuff from the 90s WRITTEN by Elyse Brandau & Lauren Ireland DIRECTED by Lauren Ireland & Andy Zou SOUND by Nick Chirumbolo PRODUCED by Elyse Brandau and Lauren Ireland EDITED by Lauren Ireland and Elyse Brandau DP: Andy Zou DOGS, IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Lauren Ireland ( Carl Foreman ( Shalyah Evans ( Matt Starr ( Elyse Brandau ( Becky Chicoine ( Dan Chamberlain ( Lily Du ( Brennan Lee Mulligan ( David Joseph Craig ( Caroline Cotter ( Sam Schecter ( Claire Ayoub ( SPECIAL THANKS to John Hockenberry, Jamie Walsh, Emily Ciotti & of course Petco, where the pets go.

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