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Links! The 25 Best Buddy Comedies of All Time, What ‘Game of Thrones’ Would Be Like at Work and More!

Be sure to watch your step or you’re likely to trip over some pretty great links.

  • The 25 Best Buddy Comedies of All Time – Rolling Stone
  • Bigfoot’s Line of Self-Help Books – The Occasional
  • 8 Touching Pics of Celebrities and Their Dads – Clickhole
  • Dad’s Jokes Explained – McSweeney’s
  • Rob Riggle Talks About Getting His Penis Shot Off – Uproxx
  • What ‘Game Of Thrones” Would Be Like At Work – Above Average
  • Q&A: What Are Your Favorite Running Gags? – The A.V. Club
  • Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews ‘Super Smash Bros” – Team Coco

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