By: Molly Dworsky

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Lorde ‘ (Soccer) Team Parody

An 11-yr-old “weak link” doesn't realize she sucks at soccer. To the tune and in the style of Lorde's “Team.”

Writer/Director/Producer/Vocals: Molly Dworsky // Sound: Xander Lott // DP/Video Editor/Co-Producer/Co-Director: Michael Garcia // Co-Producer/Makeup Artist: Sasha Gibbs // Co-Producer: Rachel Korman // Co-Producer: Michael MacMillan // Hair: Ivonne Charbonneau //
Video made possible by: The Hanley Filmmakers Project and FUNNY or DIE //
Special Thanks: Sammi Travis, Fran Benjamin, Al Dworsky and Betsy Sansby, Sally Dworsky, Chris Hickey, and Charlie Dworsky-Hickey, Mike Weithorn, Jason Rodich, Nikki Muller and Andy Robinson, Ross Willett, Chelsea Cendejas, the guys who let us use their goal posts, Rachel Goldenberg, the amazing and helpful Crown City soccer players and families, whoever made the karaoke track we used, and Lorde.
Molly Dworsky is an LA-based Minneapolis native pursuing a career in comedy. She is SAG eligible and currently seeking representation. Please contact her at
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Molly Dworsky as ‘Scorde ‘
Lila Dworsky-Hickey as ‘The Weak Link ‘
Also Starring:
Ana Abundo as ‘Fan ‘
Sydney Abundo as ‘Jaybird ‘
Anthony Barela as ‘Sweaty Disciple ‘
Ella H-B as ‘Jaybird ‘
Leslie Brill as ‘Fan ‘
Allison Byrne as ‘Fan ‘
Bridget Byrne as ‘Bear ‘
Ivonne Charbonneau as ‘Sweaty Disciple ‘
Matt Charbonneau as ‘Sweaty Disciple ‘
Deborah Dawes as ‘Fan ‘
Mackenzie Dawes as ‘Bear ‘
Turner Dawes as ‘Fan ‘
Charlie Dworsky-Hickey as ‘Scorekeeper ‘
Sally Dworsky as ‘Fan ‘
Ashley Fox as ‘Bear ‘
Hannah Friedman as ‘Scorekeeper ‘
Sasha Gibbs as ‘Bear Coach ‘ and ‘Sweaty Disciple ‘
Chris Hickey as ‘Fan ‘
Erin Hill as ‘Hope Zephyr ‘
Yael Jeshion-Nelson as ‘Bear ‘
Jamie Janek as ‘Jaybird Head Coach ‘
Eve Junn as ‘Bear ‘
Juliet Junn as ‘Bear ‘
Chloe Kim as ‘Bear ‘
Zoe Kim as ‘Bear ‘
Rachel Korman as ‘Jaybird Coach ‘
Deborah Lutz as ‘Fan ‘
Raquel Lutz as ‘Jaybird ‘
Michael MacMillan as ‘Referee ‘ and ‘Sweaty Disciple ‘
Alexandra Poer as ‘Fan ‘
John Potter as ‘#1 Jaybird Fan ‘
Alyssa Navarrete as ‘Jaybird ‘
Sierra Schepmann as ‘Bear Coach ‘ and On-Set Photographer
Telulla Sheridan as ‘Jaybird #7 ‘

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