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7 Things Richard Sherman Has Serious Beef With

Crabtree in San Francisco

Sherman defended him on the final play of NFC Championship Game. Crabtree mushed Sherman right after and a beef was born.

Ogletree in Detroit

Easily the 2nd most troublesome tree-receiver in the NFL, Ogletree could also hypothetically be related to Crabtree. And as we all know, Richard Sherman thinks hypotheticals are ‘sorry.” Sorry, Treeman. Beef.

Warren Sappling

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Isn’t it just Warren Sapp? Not Sappling?” That’s what we’re thinking too. You know who’s not thinking that? Richard Sherman. We’re not condoning it. We’re just here to list it. But if we’re being honest, we’re a little worried about Sherman. Anyways, he’s telling me there’s beef.

Deion Branch in New England

Yes, I know that’s just a picture of a tree branch. We all know that. But Sherman insisted we use this picture. Sherman’s never even met Deion Branch and from all accounts he’s actually a super nice guy. Guys, why are we letting this continue? This guy is bat-shit insane.

Maple tree in Green Bay

What up. This is Richard Sherman now. I made that caption guy leave. Get it? Leave. Because he was acting like a fucking tree. Him and I got serious beef.

The Roots

I went to Stanford,so I know where trees come from and why you can’t just live underground to avoid them. Got beef for days with these dudes.

Tree of Life (on Blu-ray and DVD)

Yeah I watched this thing. 139 minutes of nonsensical pompous gibberish. Two stars. Mad beef dawg.

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