By: Nate Dern

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Watch These Videos About Net Neutrality And Then Contact The FCC By Today’s Deadline!

The Federal Communications Commission has extended its deadline to today to receive comments about their plan to consider allowing internet service providers to create ‘commercially reasonable” tiered internet service. Many see this as a violation of the principal of net neutrality and an end to the open internet as we know it. A survey of 1,400 internet experts by the Pew Internet and American Life project found that the loss of net neutrality was one of the biggest threats to the internet today. And 36 internet companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix filed a statement with the FCC saying that such a plan would turn the ‘open, best-efforts internet” into a ‘pay-for-priority platform more closely resembling cable television.” But just in case you’re not convinced by internet experts, please watch the videos below and then go to to let the FCC know what you think!

UPDATE: If you feel making a good ol’ fashioned phone call, you can call congress and tell them not to pass an amendment to prevent the FCC from labeling the internet as an essential telecommunication service. Call them here!

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