By: Nate Dern

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57,000 Mexican Comic Book Fans Line Up For Comic-Con 2014!

Comic-Con International, the annual pilgrimage of comic book geeks, collectors, and super fans is kicking off this Thursday in San Diego, and nobody seems more excited than the 57,000 young Mexican comic book fans which have been lining up at the border for months in anticipation for the event.

The Mexican attendee-hopefuls of the mega-convention appear to be especially excited for the highly anticipated sneak peak of Mad Max: Fury Road, as 100% of them are wearing cosplay outfits from the film’s post-apocalyptic desert world terrorized by marauding bands of outlaws.

When one die-hard Mexican youth was asked if he was excited for the Batman 75th Anniversary panel, he responded, ‘Soy de Honduras, no M ‘xico. Por favor, ayuda. Los carteles nos matar ‘n. Vamos a estar muerto si volvemos. Somos refugiados, no somos inmigrantes. Somos ni ‘os que necesitan ayuda.”

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