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Come On Come On Come On Come On

Come on. The phrase that makes everything happen faster.

Written by Ted Asbaghi
Directed by Andrew Fernandez
Director of Photography: Jean-Marc Cloutier
Jim – Ted Asbaghi
My Wife – Alana Carithers
Cops – Napoleon Ryan, Andrew Fernandez, Jen Rettig
Kidnappers – John Wyatt, Timothy Cardenas
Special Thanks:
Jen Rettig
Jean-Marc Cloutier
Dan Cummings
Corey Slater
Mark Newton
Napoleon Ryan
Matt Aidan & Ritu Lal
‘Noir Score 2nd (Friendboat logo) ‘ by Shawn Grindle
‘Game of Thrones ‘ clip property of the good people at Home Box Office, supporting independent production since 1972.
A video sketch by FRIENDBOAT!
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