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Les Mannequins

two mannequins have a meet cute. what happens next will change the way you think about the world. —— [written by: the tim&micah project] [produced by: Lucy Cooper Productions] [an excerpt from: the tim&micah project: PILOT]

the tim&micah project
a lucy cooper production
written by & starring:
micah philbrook
tim sozko
|| executive producer:
tommy reahard
|| executive producer:
kenzie seibert
|| executive producers:
juan antonio garfias |
ann & charlie koerner |
|| directed by:
tyler dean kempf
|| director of photography:
leonardo adrian garcia
|| also starring in order of appearance:
mark czoske |
anthony leblanc |
molly o'halloran |
alea hale |
brian posen |
michael jordan |
|| produced by:
leonardo adrian garcia |
tyler dean kempf
|| line producer:
tommy reahard
|| associate producer:
candis welch
|| assistant director:
kenzie seibert
|| camera operator:
j. bear adrich
|| assistant camera:
andrew newton
|| sound:
jason culver
|| costumes:
sarah ducheny
|| hair & makeup:
katerina papadatos
|| production assistant:
keith horvath
|| editor:
leonardo adrian garcia
|| color correction:
leonardo adrian garcia
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