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Supreme Court: No Girls Allowed

People who call the Supreme Court an “old boys' club” probably don't know about the forts, nudie mags, and no-girls-allowed rulings.

Ginsburg Martha Plimpton
Kagan Jennie Pierson
Kennedy Loudon Wainwright
Breyer Dave Theune
Scalia David Proval
Alito Joe Integlia
Thomas Jim Clayton
Roberts Pat Skinner
Sotomayer Dani Marie
Director Lauren Palmigiano
Editor Chris Poole
Producer Rachel Goldenberg
Coordinator Ashley Holloway
PA Ross Buran
DP Berenice Eveno
B Camp Op Sevdije Kastrati
Gaffer Nathan Harris
Key Grip Lucas Pitassi
Prod Designer David Offner
Art Director Alicia Peterson
Art PA Kelley Walsh
Makeup Leigh Schwartz
Makeup Asst Jenny Osborne
Sound Ben Forman

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