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Personal Crisis

Existential crises can be a real blast, especially when you're the person having one while sitting in your parents' damp and poorly lit basement, in which you live, at the age of 45. They are slightly less fun when it's your best friend doing all the crisising smack in the middle of what you desperately want to be a date with a girl that everyone pretty much knows you're going to end up with in the end anyway. If this all sounds emotionally exhausting, that's because it is…but that doesn't change the fact that Jared and Nick have to deal with it regardless. Not only does Nick come the realization that his life has been nothing but a series of meaningless and disgusting trysts, but Jared's hair seems to be having a troubles of its own. Seriously, Brooklyn is lousy with apprentice hair stylists desperate for the experience and THAT'S the best he could do?

Guest Starring Jackie Viscusi, Walter Replogle, and Jillian Leedy. Directed by Adam Wirtz.

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