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What the CIA Found Inside Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Computer

Inside Dianne Feinstein’s Computer

Yesterday the CIA finally admitted to doing an unauthorized search of the computers belonging to the members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. As part of the internal investigation that let to this admission, the CIA released several pieces of material they extracted when searching Senator Feinstein’s personal computer. Here is some of what they found.

Sen. Feinstein’s Computer Desktop

A screenshot of Senator Feinstein’s computer desktop. According to her staffers Feinstein ‘likes having all her applications available to her right there on her desktop so she doesn’t have to look for them in folders. She also hates using Apple’s Dock and is introducing legislation to get rid of it.”

Sen. Feinstein’s Photo Booth Photos

A look at Senator Feinstein’s Photo Booth photos.

Original GarageBand Song

The CIA found this sound file in Senator Feinstein’s GarageBand, it is apparently a pop-industrial song she composed herself using a clip of her own 1995 speech about owning a concealed weapon. In correspondences the CIA found, Feinstein described the song as ‘a sick NIN-ish song I made that makes me sound cool as hell. I put gun shots and stuff in there to make it even more badass.”

Inside Senator Feinstein’s iPhone

The CIA also admitting to breaking into Senator Feinstein’s iPhone. Her staff had no response to this photo.

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