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Links! Chris Pratt Flashes Amy Poehler, 9 TV Show Crossovers You’ve Probably Forgotten and More!

Another week, another set of links. What a coincidence!

  • Chris Pratt Got in Trouble for Flashing His Dong at Amy Poehler on Parks and Rec – Vulture
  • How ‘Nathan for You’ Brilliantly Blows Up Reality TV – Splitsider
  • 7 Dogs That Would Probably Be Cute If Not For Their Weirdly Visible Nipples – Clickhole
  • 9 TV Show Crossovers You May Not Realize Even Happened – Uproxx
  • An Annotated Breakdown Of Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero” – The Occasional
  • Meet the Chillest Man on Twitter, @chillsitch – Daily Dot
  • And Finally, a Classic Link: Guy Walks Into a Bar – The New Yorker

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