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The Live Music Show: Fortress Social Club

Fortress Social Club plays three stellar song and answers the tough questions from Jason Sereno, host of The Live Music Show, as the first episode goes straight to hell. Featuring Elmo Lovano and Dana Pacheco.

Written/Directed by Jason Sereno
Executive Producer: Jason Sereno
Co-Executive Producers: Jack Piatt, Adam Khalid, Steven Hudosh
Produced by Elmo Lovano
Music Director: Elmo Lovano
Featuring Dana Pacheco as Debbie
Dehlia Ford-Feliz as herself
Director of Photography: Tony Jou
Camera Operators: Chaz Moore, Chris Spry, Evan Halleck, Derek M. Wilds
Assistant to Mr. Sereno: Nicholas Brightwell
Assistant to Mr. Brightwell: Dominic D'Astice
Production Sound: Brian Harris & Adam Lathrum
Live Sound Engineer: Peter Munters
Sound Mixed by Matthew Quinley
Edited by Jason Sereno
Color by Matthew Wozniak
Opening Sequence Shot By Matthew Wozniak
Fortress Social Club is Shawn Harris, Jo Harris, Mykul Lee, Johnzo West, Justin Andres & Rob Humpreys
Special Thanks to Lynn Misener, Funny Or Die, Michelle Diane Fox, Sam Fishell, Robby Descant, Aaron Hall, Michael Pickard, Scott McDonald, Mary Hubert, Peter Vass & Bob Vila
Filmed at The Fortress, Los Angeles, Calif.

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