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Nature Doc’ing

Danny lures Jeremy outside with the hopes of working on their nature documentary. Problems arise when Danny is busted for rooting through Jeremy's closet for the gear. Featuring David Eber as Park Bench Guy Liam Cousin as A Real Baby Meredith Rose as Jogging Mom Kathryn Romano as Sunbathing Woman Edy Modica as Woman at Picnic Randall Hall as Man at Picnic Catherine Luke as Reluctant Pup Kicker Wendy the Dog as Football Dog Crew Director – Edmond Hawkins DP – Brandon Ziegenfuss Editor – Edmond Hawkins Gaffer – Randall Hall Color Correction – Ulysses Paiva (UPMD Filmes) Special Thanks Catherine Luke Kelly & Michael Cousin Paul & Sally Tamberelli Mayors Office of Film & Television (Made in NY) visit

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