By: Duchess Riot

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Turn that hard-on off with Limpitor. Like us on FaceBook! Follow us on Twitter! @DuchessRiot Get Updates on shows! Featuring Rick Lundgren, Aaron Jarboe and Mike Duff of Scotch Tape Productions (go subscribe to their channel!) Written by: Erin Muroski Performed by: Aaron Jarboe Katie Elsaesser Debbie Lockhart Suzanne Cotsakos Erin Muroski Rick Lundgren Mike Duff Lauren Howard Brown Monnie Howard Craig Howard Jen McGlone Voice-over by: Glenn Steinbaum Animation by: Thaddeus Chaminad Logo Design by: Rick Lundgren Directed by: Suzanne Cotsakos Erin Muroski Edited by: Erin Muroski Special Thanks to: Leigh Shindo Nikki Looper Mark Agee Leif Gantvoort The Oaks Tavern

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