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19 Tags that Facebook Will Insert Into Users’ Timelines

Facebook is currently testing a ‘Satire” tag that will appear in brackets before satirical stories in an attempt to hold users’ hands while they decide if an article is intended to be satirical or not. This is just the beginning. Below is the full list of tags that will soon appear in users’ timelines.

  • [Clickbait]
  • [Passive Aggression]
  • [Seems like it’s an article but it’s actually a video and you don’t have time for that shit right now]
  • [Conservative bullshit]
  • [Liberal bullshit]
  • [More of Debbie’s bullshit]
  • [Spring break photos that show a good amount of skin]
  • [Facebook emotion experiment]
  • [Pic of ex with someone who may or may not be their new boyfriend, which then causes you to spend an hour and a half scouring posts and pics for just a clue, please god, give me a clue]
  • [Weird religious rant]
  • [Strange baby]
  • [Genuinely gay]
  • [Something that vaguely looks like porn that you click and then freak out cause you realize it might be one of those things where if you click it it shows everyone that you liked porn]
    [Haley Joel Osment ‘related]
  • [Racist uncle]
  • [Something that will change your perception of pit bulls forever]
  • [Looks like a stranger posted this but it’s actually a girl from high school who got married and changed her last name]
  • [Sad thing that you aren’t sure whether or not to ‘like”]
  • [Jurassic Park ‘related]

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