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Links! The State of Fake News, 10 Things You Won’t Believe About Taylor Swift’s Pop Transformation and More!

We promised we’d notify you when this week’s links were ready.

  • Unreality TV: ‘Weekend Update’ and the State of Fake News – Grantland
  • 8 Iggy Azalea GIFs You Need To See Right Now, Mom. Please Wake Up, Mom. Please. – Clickhole
  • A Complete Guide to Charlie Kelly’s Illiteracy on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ – Uproxx
  • What Happens When The Simpsons Becomes Dad Humor? – Splitsider
  • 10 Things You Won’t Believe about Taylor Swift’s Pop Transformation – Above Average
  • Baby-Headed Conan Singing Radiohead’s “Creep” is Perfect Internet – Team Coco
  • 6 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About Your Plan to Rob That Bank – Reductress

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