By: Michael Burke

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5 Hacks to Make You a 2014 NFL Fantasy Football Champ!

This crazy hack AUTOMATICALLY chooses the best available player left on the board, as chosen by people who do fantasy football for a LIVING. This hack ensures that you get the best players, according to the leading minds in fantasy football. In fact in most leagues, this hack is the default, so you don ‘t even have to DO anything to make it happen!
This is an extremely important hack, especially if your league has a flex position to fill. Running backs are extremely versatile and most leagues reward long TDs from RBs with extra points. This is likely why autodraft, which can choose the best players for you without you doing anything at all, often will load upon running backs first.
While your significant other might choose her picks based on if the player is dating an actress from that show she likes, don ‘t forget that most of your asshole friends are going to pretend like they know what the fuck they're doing, instead of letting a paid expert pick their team, free-of-charge, without having to do ANYTHING except NOT pick players during the draft. Honestly, pure random chance will probably be better than those uninformed nerds.
He ‘s played for the past couple of years, so he considers himself an expert, almost on the level of the people who actually get paid to do this and ARE experts, who pick your choices for you if you just swallow your fucking pride and do a fucking autodraft.
I hear you: picking your own team is more fun than an autodraft. You know what is also fun? Winning. And instead of getting one day of fun and a season of the terrible misery that comes with being a loser, why don ‘t you just get a good team and have fun winning games? Sound good to you? Thought so. Do an autodraft, asshat.

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