By: Jenny Nelson

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Burning Man Missed Connections Are Probably Beautiful But Sound Very Weird in the Real World

Burning Man just ended, so the next logical step is that Burning Man Missed Connections have begun to surface on Craigslist. Although missed connections in any situation are often fascinating to read, having them take place at the world’s weirdest, most radical art festival/temporary community makes them into something strange and poetic, seemingly incomplete without a mention of pink lights or gifts containing googly-eyes.

Take for instance this post from K, whose curly red hair had responsibilities that prevented a romance with Chris and his pink light.

Another festival attendee fell for someone named “Brother” selling chai from his tandem bike.

One woman is searching for someone who sounds kinda like a ghost?

Of course, Burning Man happens every year, and if previous Missed Connections are doing their job then hopefully the Raven with sicc multi-colored dreads found the pantsless true-love-prince she was seeking in 2012. Maybe by now they’ve got a few Burning Babies.

See more of this year’s best Burning Man missed connections over at Death and Taxes.

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