By: Michael Busch

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Ice Bucket Challenge Life Fail

You have to see what happens when this couple tries to use the ice bucket challenge to pay for EVERYTHING! Written By: Brandon Johnson and Hari Leigh

Written by Brandon Johnson & Hari Leigh
Directed by Michael Busch
Starring James Pumphrey, Hari Leigh, Brandon Johnson, Tashi Condelee, Ron Lynch, Sally Courtois, Katie Cunningham, Carla Valderrama, Carlos Orlando, Nate Caywood, Rose O ‘Shea, John Paliferro, Parker Lewis
DP – Greg Gill
Sound – Will Bohland
Art Department – Joanna Farah
Editors – Javier Ortiz and Ben Martin
Crew – Sarah Herbert, Jessica Royer, Allison Offenberger
Produced by Michael Busch, Brandon Johnson, Hari Leigh
Special Thanks Sally Courtois

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