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Tumblr Users Hello Kittify Marvel Superheroes So that They’re Very Cute and Powerful

It’s been happening since May (or even before then) but recently news sources have grown wise to something people are doing on Tumblr, which is putting Hello Kitty on Marvel superheroes. It’s simple: Tumblr users (led by Dreamstore, Legolas, and Nerdwegian) have taken supers like Thor, Iron Man, and Loki and made their outfits pinker, more sparkly, and overall 100000% cuter. Maybe Hello Kitty is not a cat because she is destined for something greater, like sprucing up Thor’s uniform?

It’s also expanded to non-Marvel characters. Please feel free to make Hello Kitty everything, thank you!

H/T Elite Daily, and for more of this look on Tumblr

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