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COPS: Ferguson

This 2010 episode of COPS shows the early warning signs of a militarized police force.

Officer Dave – David Koechner
Officer Andy – Dave Theune
Ronny – Marshall Givens
Thug Youngster – Miles Elliot
Grandma – Bunny Gibson
Bystander – Ben Parks
Backup Cops – Alex Richanbach and Wes Schlagenhauf
Party Goers – Marian Krull, Jarron Robinson, Patrick Breen, Christina Webb, Abra Moore, Dominic D'Astice
Writer Travis Helwig
Writer Adam McKay
Writer/Director Alex Richanbach
Concept by Owen Burke
Producer Becca Scheuer
AD Sean Dacanay
DP Scotty Field
B Cam Op Mike Ross
Key Grip Tansy Simpson
Production Designer Susie Mancini
Art Director Michael Castillo
Sound Mixer Johnny Karlsson for BoTown Sound
Wardrobe Tala Bakhtar
Hair/MU Leigh Schwartz
PA Dominic D'Astice
Editor Michael Hofacre
Editor Chris Poole

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