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Internet Hero Recreates Seinfeld, Friends, and Other Sitcoms in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 just came out recently and one player named Ian Roach did everyone in the entire world a favor by recreating the sets and characters of Seinfeld, Friends, Arrested Development, and Golden Girls, in the virtual Sims-world.

Roach’s Sims version of Seinfeld really nails Jerry’s apartment, and even recreates the episode where Kramer grills in their hallway:

Ross from Friends looks pretty characteristically sad, and the apartments and Central Perk again look pretty accurate:

In his Sims version of Arrested Development, Roach perfectly captures Tobias’s cutoff jean shorts and arranges a standoff between Oscar and George Sr.:

And finally, Roach gets all the ladies back together for a Golden Girls reunion:

H/T Uproxx, via IanRoach on Imgur

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