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Is The Search For Flight MH370 Coming Back This Fall?!?!

Break out those maps of the Southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Airline Flight 370 fans, because last season’s hottest mysterious airplane disappearance may be coming back this fall. Last spring’s ratings smash was a massive hit for all news outlets that covered it. Sources at CNN in particular made it clear to us that they would be shocked if a renewal wasn’t in the cards but nothing had been formally announced for months. Until now.

First came the cryptic tweets last week from some fan favorites at CNN:

And over the weekend the network all but confirmed the speculation:

AND now these teaser posters are popping up all over the place:

While the search for MH370 ended on a bit of a downer last spring, hopefully those behind it have re-tooled over the summer and will bring this epic saga to a Breaking Bad-level satisfying conclusion.

Fans of the MH370 flight are going so crazy with speculation that as a news media website we felt it was important we too capitalize on this international tragedy in a tone deaf and irresponsible way so here is a little ‘Where Are They Now” with the major players from the first search.

Where Are They Now?

Malaysian Officials: Known for its characteristic confusion and penchant for withholding important information, since the search Malaysian Officials have mostly resumed their normal lives of officiating Malaysian things. While sources say Malaysian Officials will be taking more of a supporting slot this fall as Australian Authorities step in to fill some of their role, fans are still hoping a little redemption is thrown Malaysian Officials way too.

China: A major player in the search last spring, since we last saw them China’s economic growth has slowed a bit according to the World Bank and they have been busy quelling protests in Hong Kong, but China is a big country that isn’t afraid to work hard so it would be a surprise if they didn’t get their hands wet again this fall.

Courtney Love: Love’s surprise cameo in the MH370 as ‘woman who tweets image of ocean with MS Paint-drawn lines pointing to nothing” was one of the most exciting twists in the search last spring, but will the drug addled female-themed husk be back? We certainly hope so otherwise someday we will be aching like she does!

That Guy On That Oil Platform That Said He Called And Told Someone He Saw The Plane Going Down But No One Followed Up With Him: No word if this fan favorite is coming back but the continued existence of oil platforms in the ocean could give us a clue that his part of the story isn’t over quite yet.

The Passengers Of Flight MH370: We don’t know where these people are, that is the whole purpose of this.

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