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Kim Jong Un’s Sister Is Doin’ It For Herself

The bad news: Beloved leader Kim Jong Un is still missing from public view in North Korea. The great news: His sister may be running the country now.

A think-tank run by defectors called the North Korea Intellectuals’ Solidarity believes that Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong may be running North Korea while he recovers from his possibly-cheese-related illness, according to CNN.

Obviously as a feminist I applaud this. Too long the world has lagged behind in the appointment of female dictators. Ms. Kim is doing a great job of showing young Korean girls that they, too, can grow up to brutally repress a nation (as long as they are members of the Kim family). And not to put too fine a point on it, but she appears to be modeling a much healthier body, one untouched by the ravages of cheese. I just hope she’s getting paid as much as her brother. Lean in, Kim Yo Jong!

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