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New Tesla Has a Gear Called “Insane” For People Who Like Getting Tickets

The new Tesla D, in Stressed But Emotionally Stable Mode.

The new Tesla D is here, and it sounds awesome: It’s got a robot brain that parks for you, you can call it like a dog, and it’s got three speed settings: Normal, Sport, and Insane, according to CNN.

The D is clearly looking forward to the era of self-driving cars, given that it comes with onboard computers that can automatically change lanes, maintain speed limits, and even bring the car to you (when on private property). I’m not sure all the safety robots in the world will save you if you get pulled over in “insane” mode though.

“Do you know how fast you were going?”
“No, Officer.”
“Really? Because your car says ‘insane mode.’ Here’s six tickets.”

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