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Ghostbusters 3 Cast Speculation

After it was announced last week that the long-awaited third Ghostbusters film has finally been green-lit and director Paul Feig confirmed that the titular characters will be played by an all-female ensemble, rumors have run rampant about who the actors will be. Here are some of the talented celebs that Hollywood insiders are speculating will round out the cast:

  • Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Rachel Dratch: I burst into tears of joy just picturing this.
  • Lindsay Lohan: But this is really the last shot we’ll give her.
  • Sofia Vergara: Studio executives will probably shoehorn her into the movie wearing a bikini the entire time, essentially undercutting the whole thing.
  • Lucille Ball: Forget casting women – it will really put the film on the map to cast an actual ghost.
  • bell hooks: LOL cry more, fanboys, your tears just make this renowned feminist activist stronger.
  • Hillary Clinton: This will give her the opportunity to battle the ghosts of Bengazi and her attempt at health care reform in the 90s ahead of her 2016 presidential run.
  • Malala Yousafzai: Fresh off her Nobel Peace prize and ready for Hollywood, Malala would truly be able to spread her message of the necessity of female education while battling ghosts on the big screen.
  • Chyna: What all-female ghost busting team would be able to be taken seriously without former pro-wrestler and porn star Chyna on their side?
  • Elizabeth Warren: Fuck Hilary, it’s Warren’s turn to finally stand up to the big money interests that are secretly funding all these ghosts in the first place!
  • Gillian Anderson: Her repeated death threats sent to Paul Feig pleading to include her just might earn her a spot in the reboot.
  • Ernie Hudson wearing a wig: Because everyone just feels kind of bad for him.

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