By: David Guzman

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Amazing Views From The Top Of 432 Park Ave That Our Overlords Have Bestowed Upon Us

Construction of the luxury high rise at 432 Park Ave has topped out, and we who live with our eyes submitted to the ground have been granted permission by our Overlords a look at these stunning views!

This view, featuring all of Central Park, is what our Overlords see looking north from their elevated place in the sky, which is theirs by right. We who are the undeserved thank our unseen masters for allowing us this gift! We offer you praise with no expectation of such reward, but in your inherent benevolence, you grant it to us.

The view looking south, with the Empire State Building in the foreground and One World Trade Center in the distance, is worth more than our paltry sustenance, the petty love of our kin, and the strained will to live our meager lives combined. We extol your grace, our Rulers, for this honor!

From this marble-covered shower you can see the Upper East Side straight up Madison Ave, a visual that those who move the very levers of existence, whose hands hold power in the same way our bodies hold disease and frailty and deficiency, have presented to us as a light in our dark, brutish lives.

Master suite looking out to the East River. We who live in filth and dirt finally have a pleasant image to appear in our dreams during our fleeting moments of sleep.

On Earth there are but a few pristine souls, pure in all their thoughts and intentions, immaculate in being, and holy beyond all measure. The rest of us are but shells: facades of crude flesh that give only the remotest appearance of an inner life. We look at this view from the kitchen breakfast bar with mostly confusion, but too, with a grain of certainty that we do not merit even the knowledge of it.

Picture of 432 Park Ave: at 1,396 feet, it is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. We will cling to even the faintest memory of what our Overlords have placed here before us.

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