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6 People Skeptical of Apple Pay

6 People Skeptical of Apple Pay

Apple has just released their new payment service Apple Pay, along with several large retail partners. Some, however, don’t plan to support the rollout, including Walmart, Best Buy, and these six people:

I’d love for my phone to replace my wallet, but that can’t happen until my phone has a place to store an old, expired condom.

‘ Stucco Steve

If Walmart doesn’t have it, then I don’t want it. Which is exactly the same thing I said about therapy.

‘ El Capitan

I use Android, and until Apple Pay works with Android I don’t care. If you agree I’m willing to date you.

‘ Steve M.

Personally, I don’t trust the security. I don’t want some thief to steal my identity! Security is very important to us homeowners.

‘ A Snail

Oh, I’ll use it all right. Don’t you worry. Just as soon as it accepts Disney Cash.

‘ Sasha Rodere

I’m concerned having a technology company collecting processing fees that formerly were the domain only of traditional financial institutions. Without appropriate safeguards, it could cause you to BECOME A WORMMMMMM! GEEEARRAAGH!

‘ Moonbeam Fisher, Esq.

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