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Daily Brief: Spanish Grifters, White House Fence Jumpers, and More

A Spanish double life means twice as many fiestas:
A 20-year-old Spanish grifter was recently caught leading a “Catch Me If You Can” style double life, dining with the royal family and brokering large business deals with falsified credentials. This once again proves the old adage that confidence and a vast knowledge of tapas will get you in almost everywhere.

Maybe they should put up a sign that says “Don’t Jump Over The Fence, Please”:
In a strange trend, there was another White House fence jumper last night. The jumper was immediately subdued by a police dog. For this act of valor in the line of duty, the heroic dog will be awarded a National Medal Of Good Boy.

The saddest place on Earth:
A heartbroken woman spent a week in a 24-hour KFC in China after getting dumped by her boyfriend. Michelle Obama issued a statement urging anyone in such distress to instead spend a week in a Chop’t.

Partial eclipse of the heart:
A partial solar eclipse will be visible today starting at 5:49 p.m. ET. Funny or Die News would like to remind all readers to look directly at the sun during the eclipse to experience this celestial miracle in its fullest.

American Psycho 2:
Christian Bale is confirmed to play Steve Jobs in a new biopic from Aaron Sorkin.
Producers said Bale will bring a terrifying, single-minded intensity to Steve Jobs’ terrifying, single-minded intensity.

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