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VIDEO: Superhero Brawl On Hollywood Blvd Unfortunately Not Batman Vs. Hulk

Finally an answer to the age-old question that superhero fans have wondered about for years: If Catwoman and Mr. Incredible got in a fight, would Chewbacca be able to break it up?

The fight in question happened on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, where costumed characters earn a living posing for photos with tourists. Apparently, Catwoman was intruding on Mr. Incredible’s corner, and if you’ve seen the hit family film The Incredibles, you know that Mr. Incredible hates it when people intrude on his corner.

Despite his fake muscles, Mr. Incredible was still able to bodyslam poor Catwoman to the ground, before Chewbacca pulled them apart. Let’s all keep in mind that costumes aside, this is actually a very frightening assault, and also that it would have been better if it was really A-list characters. Like Superman versus the Incredible Hulk, so we could finally determine a winner. Or Katniss versus Bella, so we could see Katniss wipe the floor with that vampire-loving dweeb.

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