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5 Signs That You’re Meant to Be Together Forever

5 Signs That You’re Meant to Be Together ForeverBy: Morgan Burris

Are you in a relationship that’s headed somewhere real and special? Me too. Sometimes our loved ones need a push to feel the same way though. Right, Jeremy? Haha. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of completely valid and not desperate signs to PROVE without any reasonable doubt that we ARE meant to be.

  1. You can flawlessly order for each other at restaurants.
    Jeremy, remember last week when I went to the bathroom and you just KNEW that I’d want ice water without lemon? That was uncanny. Like, wow. It really speaks to our bond and natural intuition. Don’t you think so? I think so.

  2. You can both quote ‘Mean Girls” in conversation with ease.
    Compatible movie tastes are so important in a relationship. Luckily, Jer-bear and I both LOVE ‘Mean Girls”. I know! What are even the chances, right? Anyway, having someone who understands the significance of me wearing pink on October 3rd is super grool, because not many people get that reference.

  3. You’re both dog people.
    My Jeremy loves his baby labrador,Bentley, and I’m working on getting rid of my life-threatening allergy to dog fur.

  4. You have the same political views.
    You can’t help but vote Libertarian when Jeremy explains it.

  5. You’re each other’s best friend.
    Talking to your soulmate is like looking in a mirror. Someone who always knows just what to say to make a bad day good. Someone who knows you, the real you, better than you know yourself. You could walk into the worst day of your life and know that you’re going to be ok, just because this person is holding your hand. A person who will answer your facebook messages at any hour of the night just to say ‘Hi, I love you.”

So, Jeremy, why haven’t you answered my messages? I know you’ve read them.Facebook let’s me see that AND I have your password. We’ll talk about it later. Text me. I love you.

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