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There is No National Emergency in Atlanta (Yet)

AT&T U-Verse customers in a number of cities, including Atlanta, Austin, and Detroit, received a frightening break from watching Bones reruns (which are already pretty frightening, sometimes) on Friday morning when an emergency alert signal broke into their broadcast, according to Atlanta Fox 5.

A screenshot of a mysterious pile of paper on a sinister desk.

Apparently the emergency alert system, which is only supposed to be used by the White House, was activated in error. We imagine that people in those cities are pretty angry about their unnecessary scare, but probably not as angry as the White House is at whatever intern accidentally sat on the Ebola Alarm. ‘Not yet!” President Obama is currently yelling at Intern Josh, probably. ‘Pretend everything is fine today, send out the TV alerts on Monday after Castle because I love Castle, martial law on Wednesday, then we all die of Ebola on Friday, because it’s Halloween and will be spooky! We have a schedule for this!”

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