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This Week’s News Monster: The Nor’Subswiftarheel-Eff-bee-eye-Ar-bee-gee

Every weekend we bring you a mash-up of some of the stories we covered last week in the form of a hideous News Monster, so you can catch up on all of the laughs you might have missed. This week’s monster:

The Nor'Subswiftarheel-Eff-bee-eye-Ar-bee-gee

The Nor'Subswiftarheel-Eff-bee-eye is a notoriously ferocious beast, capable of humongous amounts of academic fraud and accidental pop song leaking. Rumored to be lurking in Swedish/Russian waters, frequently reports sitings of the beast which the FBI is unable to intercept when viewed on your encrypted iPhone 6s.


6. Rejected Nor'easter Headlines

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