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Daily Brief: NASA, Lady Gaga, and More

Attorneys Generalses:
Attorneys General in more than 30 states appear to be susceptible to bribes and influence from lobbyists. When asked why they allowed themselves to be plied by gifts, money and praise the Attorneys General responded “because we are but human.”

Mighty Kaci:
Maine State Police were sent to enforce defiant Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox’s violation of quarantine. Unfortunately, before the authorities could get to her, the nurse escaped into a storm drain and may have chewed off her radio collar.

Dude, where’s my suffrage?:
A Georgia judge has ruled to not intervene in case of nearly 50,000 “missing” voter registrations, the majority of which come from people of color in Democratic-leaning regions. According to a statement from the NAACP “A republican appointed judge has backed the republican Secretary of State to deny the right to vote to a largely African American and Latino population.” The Georgia Republican party strongly denied that they needed to resort to theft to deny the vote to African Americans and Latinos.

Lady Gaga has paired up with Tony Bennet to debut a holiday clothing campaign with H&M. The campaign features Lady Gaga wearing the carcass of Tony Bennet.

A rocket with supplies for the International Space Station contracted by NASA exploded moments after take-off yesterday. Thankfully the rocket was unmanned when it exploded over Florida, but it was just filled to the brim with Ebola blood.

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