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Fact Blast: Halloween

Many consider Halloween to be the spookiest holiday. Here are some other little known Halloween facts:

  • Halloween is actually short for ‘all hallows’ een.”
  • Halloween was started for the sake of very ugly children, so that they could feel normal at least one day a year.
  • Getting spooked takes an average of 2.3 years off of your life.
  • According to the U.S. Justice Department, half of all children that go trick-or-treating disappear forever.
  • Many people believe that black cats are in danger of being abused or killed during satanic rituals around Halloween. This is a myth. Black cats cannot be killed because of their witch powers.
  • Halloween is derived from a Christian holiday, which is why many Christians choose to be huge bummers on that day.
  • Candy corn is one of the top five Halloween candies sold each year. Less successful is broccoli ‘n sugar.
  • Blue Ivy Carter and North West are reportedly dressing as each other this year.
  • Scientists say that Dolphins are the only other animals that celebrate Halloween for pleasure.
  • Until 1913, children going door-to-door were given nothing but razor blades, which would in turn be sold for scrap money, which was used to buy candy.
  • It’s hard to believe now, but historically dressing as a police officer wasn’t considered a scary costume.
  • A fun-size snickers bar would weigh 22,000 pounds on Mercury. Prove us wrong, smart guy.

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